Just try it Wyatt

Join Wyatt as he teaches readers about the importance of trying new things. The book includes factual information about the red fox, an interactive worksheet about times you've tried something new, and a Wyatt coloring page! This is more than a story. Wyatt EDUCATES, ENTERTAINS, and INFORMS! 


Cody the Coyote

Please be quiet Wyatt

In the second "Adventures of Wyatt" series, Wyatt learns when and where he needs to be quiet.  He learns that it's important to let others have a turn to speak too! 
Cody the Coyote is Wyatt's distant cousin. In Cody's first book, Cody has to learn how to stand up for himself when Billy the Bullyfrog picks on him. Using words and kindness, Cody teaches Billy that being a friend is far better than being a foe! 
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There's No Monkeys At The Market

Readers are introduced to the wild imagination of Cody. Cody is a lively young boy who thinks that animals can be picked up along with broccoli and cookies while out shopping with his mom. Excitement soon turns to disappointment however, until a surprise twist at the end sends Cody and his family on a Saturday adventure!

I was inspired to write this book by a recent trip to the market I had with my three year old who was adamant that he was sure he could get a monkey at the market! I am also an elementary school teacher, so I know what books kids are reading and what would capture their attention.  “There’s No Monkeys at the Market” does just that, and leaves readers giggling while eager to predict what will happen next! 

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Billy The Bully Frog

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is one of the first lessons we teach our children, but do you think they really understand it?

            Billy is a bullfrog, so by nature he is a bit intimidating to look at. With green slimy skin, yellow bumpy warts and big black eyes, it’s only normal that the other animals are apprehensive of his appearance. What they don’t know, is that Billy is just looking for a friend.  Throughout this children’s picture book, Billy’s rhyme scheme adventure leads him to meet up with other animals during his journey who shy away from him. It isn’t until the end, when a friendly duck doesn’t judge Billy’s book by its cover and creates a lasting friendship. 

            As a lower elementary educator, I know how to merge little life lessons with a positive, fun filled vibe. Writing targeting kids on their level of understanding, yet still creating a story that parents don’t mind reading again and again can be difficult. I was able to craft these elements in “Billy the Bully Frog.” Using Restorative Practices that teachers are now using in the classroom, my book helps young readers see that they need to repair relationships that may have been damaged because of bullying.

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